Saturday, January 7, 2017

First Quilt of 2017

On Thursday I finished my first quilt of the year. It's for a friend from Guam that will have a baby next month. 


And I'm already thinking of my next quilt...

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Brutal Morning Coming

Tomorrow is gonna be brutal.  The kids have to go  back to school.  Bright and early.  Today Benjamin slept till after noon. Tomorrow it'll be 6:30am.

 Then there's Melissa. The last few days she has been in Atlanta with a church group. They were to be back around 9/10pm tonight...but then they had a flat tire.

Can a church trip happen without car trouble???  Apparently, not.

So...she'll be home around midnight.  She's already text asking if she can skip first hour of class..

Hm....yea...that would be a NO!  We are on what's called a 4 by 4 block schedule, so tomorrow the high school starts a whole new semester with new classes for everyone.  She needs to be there the first day of class to hear all the information about her new classes. She can take a nap after school.  She's young - she'll survive. Besides.....I'm not totally convinced my kids actually go to sleep before a decent time anyway.

And I'll be up early with my little duckies as well.  While I'm not going back to work until Monday, I doubt I'll go back to bed after the kids leaves. I rarely do.  But just might have to take a nap like Melissa!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

Several of my friends have posted in facebook about how bad 2016 was for them. I knew some have had some very bad events in their life this past year. But for Drew & I & our kids??  

It was a good year. 

We saw William really settle into college and get his own summer job. Melissa is enjoying her senior year and is very excited to be accepted into the college program she desires and has already been awarded a few scholarships. Benjamin has continued to do well in school and has come into his own on the soccer field. All three have remained active in church groups and love Jesus. All of our parents are still doing well and we were able to spend time with them as well as other family. 

And a perk of the year?? No run ins with nuts and a trip to the ER. That's a huge win in my book!

We closed out the year playing games with our friends. Drew & I came home early because we like our sleep! But before we left, I got to spend time with my new guy. Melissa and I think he's the most adorable one around! 


Monday, December 26, 2016

Our Christmas

Our week before Christmas was full, but nice! It started off with the church choir performing on Sunday. The music for the most part was the same they do every year, but a new addition was "It's bout the Cross". I love this song! It's so good! The concert ended with the Hallelujah  Chorus. Which is always good!

Sunday night we had several friends over to play games. I was able to get two games of Ticket to Ride in - won one; lost one...  The teenage boys played Risk. One set of friends played Canasta.  All in all, I think everyone had a  good time.  And we had several yummy treats!

Monday was a day Melissa and I had been looking forward to for months!! A dear friend of ours had here baby! His name is Gabriel and Melissa and I adore him!  He's so cute!!  We're looking forward to holding him again!

Tuesday we attended a friend's retirement from the Air Force. It was a beautiful ceremony. Later that night I was able to delivery my niece's t-shirt quilt finally done. She gave me her high school t-shirts back in August. I told her then I would try to get it done by Christmas.  I finished earlier in the month - I'm so glad it came out well!. She loves it!

Wednesday Melissa and I had another we had been looking forward to: her senior year portraits.  A friend of the family's is a great photographer and we had her do them. She had some inside and outside.  We'll go back in a few weeks to see the proofs. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to decide which ones to purchase....and Drew has already given me a budget....

Thursday I cooked for the friend with the new baby....we just had a relaxing day. And got to see the baby again.

Friday Drew took the day off! - yea!! I love it when the alarm does NOT go off at 5:40!! Drew and the boys went out for lunch the saw the newest Star Wars movie: Rouge One.  We all enjoyed it - the lunch and the movie!

Christmas Eve we stayed home and cooked.  I made gingerbread and sugar cookies while Drew used his new electric smoker to smoke salmon for our Christmas Eve dinner. The salmon turned out a little more salty than we all liked, but not a bad try the first time to smoke fish.  After our dinner, we attended our church's Christmas Eve service.  Instead of the normal candlelight service, this year the service had a  festive feel instead of a sacred one.  After we tortured the kids after church by driving around to look at Christmas lights, we opened our presents when we got home. I think they were overall happy...nothing too big at this time. 

Christmas morning we had to wake up the kids.  That's like with teenagers... the days of them waking us up at the crack of down are over!  William's big gift was a chair for his dorm room he asked for, Melissa got a new cell phone, and Benjamin got money.  He never could come up with a gift we would agree to, so he got money. 

After church in the morning we drove over to my parent's house for the afternoon. It was a nice time with my family...and of course, good food.

Today - Monday - we enjoyed sleeping in again!  Sadly, Drew's alarm will go off early tomorrow morning again, so we definitely enjoyed sleeping in today. We both did some more cooking. Also, a neighbor came over to taste our food and play a few rounds of a new game Ben gave Drew for Christmas called Sequence.  I have yet to win!! May not be my game..... 

The kids are currently out shopping to spend some of the money got received from Christmas while Drew and I are watching a movie.  I am contemplating de-decorating the house....but just contemplating all week, right?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sweet in the Bitterness

One of the great things about living in north Louisiana is being able to spend the day with my parents....especially knowing they don't have many years left. My dad has had dementia for many years now and our relationship is much different than it was ten years ago before his stroke. 

While he can't really carry on a conversation that someone else starts, if he has something on his mind, he'll try his best to tell a story. Usually with me he tells the same story about this huge black cast-iron pot they have in the back yard. It came from his grandmother.  I'm not exactly sure what she did with it...I tease dad and call it the witch's cauldron since that's what it reminds me of and I ask if she cooked chickens in it over an out-door fire. 

But this week for my visit Dad's mind was on other things than the black pot. He told me about how he got the mantle he saw someone throwing it out, but dad offered him five dollars for it instead. He, also, told me he has the best wife in the world. 

Yes, Dad!! YOU DO!!  Mom takes such good care when of him! Dad, then, said the best line ever: We didn't kiss on that first date, but we kiss everyday now!

Yep, Dad! I'm sure y'all do! Maybe that's the secret to being married over 53 years....don't kiss at first, but then kiss everyday. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Adventures of My Morning

When you hear what you think is a fighter jet that sounds like it's going to land on the van you're driving, you quickly realized it's not a fighter jet. Nope. It's the van. Or rather a tire. 


Guess I'm getting a new tire for Christmas. 

But I did get to make a new best friend. His name is David and he works for Roadside Assistance. 


Monday, December 5, 2016

More Dinner Conversations

Tonight at dinner I noticed Benjamin's plate was missing the green vegetables that was on everyone else's plate. So I asked him, "How come there's nothing green on your plate?"

His answer: "But my eyes are green."

Deep sigh....that they are, my son, that they are...