Monday, February 20, 2017

A Total Klutz

If you are ever in doubt about my gracefulness, this should put an end to any speculation;

The bruise above my ankle is where I forgot to avoid the open dishwasher - and those corners are sharp!!

The bruise on my foot is from running into and tripping over something in the dark last night in my bedroom. Thought I had broken my foot it hurt so much!  Almost slept with an ice pack on my foot. Ouch! 

(They're shiney because I put neosporen on.)

(Think I need to re-paint m my toe nails... ) 

Friday, February 17, 2017

Tax Time

It's tax time!! My parents are in town so their favorite son-in-law and accountant can complete this yearly requirement. The best part? Shopping and Scrabble time with my mom. 


Monday, February 13, 2017

New Things

When I buy a car, they ought to kiss my feet and say 'thank you' instead of  shaking my hand and saying 'congratulations'.  

But still. I do like my new car. No more mini-van. 


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Night to Shine

Last night our church hosted a Night to Shine which is a prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. It was a lot of fun!!

My new friend is named Mark. He really wasn't into the dancing or the picture taking, but the food?? That he loved! 





Thursday, February 9, 2017

God' Grace Shines

Well. Once again, God's Grace has shown on Benjamin.  Or else he's the luckiest boy around.

Lose a wallet? No problem.  He'll get it returned - with ALL the money still in it.  This has happened multiple times.

Lost a phone? No problem.  Even after being lost outside with the rain for two weeks, it'll be returned to Ben  - and THE PHONE STILL WORKS!

Make a dent in your mom's van's bumper?  No problem.  The body shop guy fixes it for free.


Lucky boy.

The body shop guy was able to pop it back into doesn't look perfect, but it looks better than it did.  And didn't charge a single penny....

God's grace strikes again. 


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hot and Cold

 It's hot outside.  High over 80 daffodils and tulip bulbs all think its spring. They are all sprouting up. And it's just early February. 

That's the hot.

Then there's the cold.

Or whatever it is.  Melissa stayed home today feeling ill....slight fever, sore throat...  And then Drew came home early with a slight fever, sore throat... I even had to go and pick up the neighbor boy from school because he was feeling bad.

I'll just be washing my hands and staying away from these family members.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Update on the Girlz

I guess I'll do an update on Melissa as well....  She has just over three months before high school graduation. This semester she has another easy schedule.  She's still taking a class at the local vo-tech school, then instead of the English class at the high school  she had last semester, this time she has a typing class.  Then she works the rest of the day at the middle school office.  She still really enjoying it.  I've gotten several compliments from teachers and staff there when I run into one around town.  She's doing a really great job it seems.

Just about every Sunday evening you'll find her in front of the computer working on scholarship applications.  She's already been awarded several from Ole Miss based on her ACT score.  These will take care of the out-of-state tuition and a good portion of the tuition.  I'm hoping that she'll win a few more that will give the cash out right to her instead of to the school. That way she can use that money toward books and other living cost.  Most are announced by end of April. 

She has chosen a roommate.  A girl she meet through one of the Ole Miss sites, but has not meet her in person. On paper it looks like a good fit.  I lean toward a stranger makes for a better roommate that a best friend, but time will tell. 

Melissa is planning on attending orientation this summer and we are hoping her roommate will attend the same one, so they can meet.

And, lastly, there's me.  I'm still enjoying my little part-time job.  I'm not getting the hours in that I was promised, but that's okay with me.  More time for sewing!(And reading!)  I done one baby quilt and one lap size quilts done this year. I'm currently working on one for Melissa.  It's got lots of pieces  - meaning it's time consuming! Especially when I mis-cut one type of strip and had to re-cut them.  Urggg.  But it's getting there. This coming Tuesday is a day off for me, and I'm hoping to get several hours in to work on it.  The quilt has two types of blocks.  It takes about three hours to get one type of block sewn.  One set is almost done - just need to iron them.  I'm hoping on Tuesday I'll get the second type block one.

The only other big thing with us is we are looking to replace my mini-van. Last Saturday and again today we went to test drive lots of brands.  I want something smaller than a mini-van.  There's a few cross-over type vehicles I like. We have narrowed it down to about four...but not sure which one we'll go with. We're in no real got time to find a good deal.