Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Not For Me

Tonight I was peeling the sticker price off these cute little pots of plants Benjamin asked, "Are you trying again?!"

My answer, "No, these are gifts."

Benjamin's response, "Good!"

Oh, yes. My kids know me and my brown thumb. 


Saturday, April 29, 2017

Tooth Fairy

Melissa was quite upset a few months ago when the orthodontist told her she needed to see about getting her wisdom teeth pulled. We had previously been told she did not have any wisdom teeth, so this was a surprise. Apparently, they can just grow in and appear. 

So a few weeks ago she had her normal check up with her dentist and was told yes, you should not only speak to an oral surgeon about that wisdom teeth, but also about a baby tooth that has a cavity. It needs to be pulled and have an implant to replace it since there's not an adult tooth to replace it. 

Needlessly to say, Melissa was not happy... Yea...she was freaked out! 

So. We did the consultation with the oral surgeon and he agreed the wisdom teeth need to come out as well as the baby tooth with the implant to follow. We are hoping it will all be healed and completed before she leaves for college in August as it takes several months of healing before the final steps can be performed. 

Then the baby tooth started to fall apart... As she was eating popcorn the other day a piece of the baby tooth came out. A tiny piece. Which she proceeded to place in a bag. 

I told her just throw it away - the dentist won't need to see it. Her response? 

"It's for the tooth fairy."

The tooth fairy?  Child, you are eighteen. There's no tooth fairy. (Which she knows full well!)

Another piece of the baby tooth has fallen out, but she is not in pain. We are hoping it stays that way until her surgery date of May 15th. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Extrovert Benjamin

Last week Benjamin came in from his second job interview to tell us that they did more role playing than answering questions. Then he said:

' l have used all my extrovert points for then day.'

Then he proceeded to go to his room, shut the door, and only came out the rest of the afternoon and evening for dinner. 

Yep.  No more words left for this one. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Another One from Benjamin

Since Benjamin has gotten his driver's license, his next item on his (more like mine) to-do-list is to get a job. Last week he was to fill out an on-line application for a local fast-food restaurant that a friend owns. I asked Benjamin if he wanted me to help him with the application.   He said, no, that he would wait for Dad. 

I told him I would be glad to help him. His response?

'No, I'll wait for Dad. He has a real job.'

I was NOT happy with THAT comment! And neither was Melissa! We both were sputtering for a comment!

I finally said, ' I HAVE a real job! And a college degree you know!!'

Yea....he still just wanted his dad help. 

Pray for this child. Pray that he lives to leave this house. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Brown Thumb


Last spring I read that it was possible to grow tulip and daffodil bulbs in a container.  We really don't have a place here to plants bulbs, so this was a great idea as I love these spring flowers. 



They looked so promising a few weeks ago. But today? 


Practically dead. 

My brown thumb strikes again. 

But I'm ever hopeful. Today I planted some summer flowers in my front pots along with a little basil. 

May these live long....and prosper. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sewing Projects

Last week I made aprons for a friend. Her daughter wants to make mommy and daughter cooking videos where they are dressed as Belle in the beginning of Beauty and the Beast. I was concerned that the mom's apron was too big and the daughter's was too small, but my friend was very happy with the end results. When my friend gave them to her daughter, the little girl ran to get a book like Belle has in the movie. 


This week I did the alterations to the Tin Man's costume for the school play. While I hemmed and added some darts, etc, the iron made the biggest difference. 


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Oh, How She Loves Us....NOT!

The other day I was telling Melissa about a new TLC tv show.  It's called "Meet the Putmans". It's about a family that has decided to life a little differently than the rest of us.  They have four adult children whom all are married with children. And they all live together. As in live together in one house.

One house...two bathrooms....only one washer and dryer....for 25 people.  Ten adults and fifteen children.   There is one daughter in this mix, and her husband decided to take HER name instead of her changing her name so their kids would have the same last name as their cousins.  Yep. That's very different from our normal American life.

The Putmans vote on just about everything...from design options to the house they are building (which will have more than two bathrooms for all those people) to whether or not the daughter and her husband can move away so they will be closer to the husband's work.
When I was telling my co-workers about it, they, also, thought it was weird as well.  One said it sounded like a cult.  Maybe so. 

Melissa asked me why. I told her they said it's because they love each other that much.  Melissa's comment?

"I don't love you that much."

So.  Benjamin's not the only one who tells it like it is!!