Sunday, December 16, 2012


Last weekend while I was working an election, the town we live in held a Christmas festival and parade.  Our church's children's minister hosted a table for the church  as an outreach and a parade float for the kids to ride on to throw out candy.

After all the festivities were over, the children's minister came to the church (where its also a polling location) to put away some supplies. She stopped by election table for a few minutes. She said, "Oh, Kelley, I have something to tell you..."

ME: Stop right there! Any time anyone starts a conversation like that, they are going to tell me a story about one of my kids!

Stacy: Yea....  Benjamin.... So. As we were starting the parade, I told the kids to stay on the float - do NOT get off for ANY reason!  Then he piped up in the back, "What happens if any of these hay bales catches on fire?" I said no! Stay on the float! Even the driver told the kids "If we catch on fire, you better hang on, because, I'll drive so fast to put our the fire!"

Me: I am so sorry! He can be sassy!

Her: No, he wasn't being sassy - he was just concerned. He wanted to know exactly what to do. He was serious.

Me: hmmmm, really? ok...

The next morning I cornered Benjamin at breakfast...

Me: So, Benjamin....I heard you were a little concerned about a fire on the float??

Ben: Yea....Well, Miss Stacy said don't get off the float for any reason...

Me: Were you being serious or sassy?

Ben: Yea...sassy.

So, later I saw Stacy.

Me: Stacy, I have some sad news for you.

Stacy: Really? What's wrong?

Me: Sorry to say, my youngest child has you snowed. He was being sassy yesterday.

Stacy: REALLY?? You know, I was feeling bad because, I was a little sassy back to him. BUT NO MORE! I'm not feeling bad now! I have his number!

Oh, that child of mine......he is a character!

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