Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Blog Life

It seems that blogging is getting harder and harder - for many reasons.  Both of our computers are on their last leg and frankly, it's not fun to be on either one at times. Our lap-top no longer recognizes the battery, so it has to be plugged in at all times. It the cord  gets pulled out as you are moving around, it totally shuts down with no warning. No fun at all.

Then finding time to get on the desk-top when the kids and Drew are home is, also, a challenge.  Several All of my kids also like to read over my shoulder while I type. Which I find totally annoying.

But then there's the fact that they are teens now (while Ben may 11 and not 13 -he's still a teen in may ways) I feel like I need to respect their privacy more now than ever. Many times something funny or interesting happens, then one of them will turn to me - "Don't post this on facebook or the blog!"

Well, fine then!

So, I don't.  They deserve their privacy...and the teen years can be so sensitive.

Life is going on....I hate to say the word "busy" - but it's full.  School, work, soccer, church....all keep us hopping.

But I will try to make an attempt to keep posting...even it's it sporadically.

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