Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dark Shadows the Movie

Well over a month ago ads for a movie called "Dark Shadows" started to air and Melissa & I just laughed over them. Especailly "Are you stoned?" asked by a teen. The response by Johnny Depps charatcer: "They tried to stone me. It did not work," said with an English accent.

We both wanted to see the movie! But then we saw it....

First mistake:  Getting sucked in with ads.

Second mistake: Not doing any research on the movie. I had no clue until afterwards that it was a remake of some old TV show (and based on several friends' comments, a bad TV show at that).

Third mistake: Not reading the plugged-in review beforehand.

Fourth mistake: Taking my 13-yr old daughter to a movie I did not read the review on.

Yes, I knew it was PG-13 before I went, but I honestly thought it was because of the violence. After all, the main character was  vampire. Vampires kill people - I get that, so, a PG-13 rating was no surprise.
About fifteen mintues into the show, the cussing started. I looked at Melissa and said, "Hmmmm. I think I should have read the review first...."

Then there was a s*x scene. Looked at Melissa again, "Hmm...yeah...I about to walk out....."

Then there was a second s*x scene.  This time Melissa knew what was coming - it was time to go!  She said,"I'll leave first  - you follow a few minutes later so it doesn't look like we're walking out."

Sure. Whatever. But I wasn't going to sit through that show with my 13 yr old.

Many times during the beginning of the show several characters talked about the Johnny Depp character, Barnabas Collins, as a "good man" - loving.  He talked about finding his "one true love".  But a  good and loyal man doesn't not have s*x with anyone and everyone if  you have a "one true love". I don't want my daughter to think it's okay  to sleep around - even it's you just enjoy it as entertainment - not actually participating yourself.

Once again Hollywood missed the mark.  They had the makings of a good movie! But they added useless language, senseless s*x scene, failed to develop real characters. I should not be surprised.

Hopefully, I won't be making the above mistakes agian.

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