Tuesday, June 12, 2012

No, the Other One

....let's see if I can blow some dust off this blog....

This is VBS week at our church. I had really planned not to teach, but I have a hard time saying no! The good news is that I'm teaching preschool games, so I only have four 15 minute classes over two hours.  I can arrive late, teach, then leave early. I really like that part.

The other part I like are my helpers.  My kids. All three of them.  It's fun seeing how they interact with younger children - which, by the way, they all do really well. (I think Ben enjoys it because there's people smaller than him and for once he can be a big kid and be in charge!)

As a student just completed fifth grade, Benjamin is suppose to be actually in a class, but we are the bad parents and have given in and not making him.  He figured out a while ago that VBS is mainly for the un-churched, the unsaved child. Which he is not. So. He is helping me along with Melissa and William. Last year he did not  attend either because he had the chicken pox - yes, he had the vaccine...and this was actually his second case. My children can be over-achievers, you know. (At one point yesterday, he was complaining about something and I did threatened him to take him to the fifth grade class.  He got over whatever it was and was good as gold from then on!)

Over all our four classes were great - we just played a hula-hoop game. One classes was large at 21 four years old - WOW! Those teachers have their work cut out for them!  Several didn't want to play, one asked about the video games, another was ready for the food! Towards the end Melissa came up to me and said, "The one in the white shirt just called the one in the orange shirt the "b" word."

I just looked at her and said, "What? Butt?"

Melissa said, "Um...no the other "b" word."

Okay, then! Well now!  Oh, the things they learn at VBS.....can I say again how much I'm glad I'm not stuck in THAT class ALL morning ALL week??!!!

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