Thursday, June 14, 2012

Money, Money!!

One of our goals as parents is to instill a sense of respect for money into our children. For many years now we have given them an allowance with the purpose to help them to learn to how spend and save  it wisely. William and Benjamin has really shown a desire to save. Melissa? Yea...not so much...more like a hole is in her pocket.

At any point in time, William usually has more many than any of the three.  He has bought one large item since in the last few years - a portable video game devise (a DSi), but mostly saves. He talks about buying a lap-top and even though he probably has enough money between his bank savings account and what is in his wallet, he has yet to do the research and pick one out. He, also, has the greatest opportunity to make money as he is old enough and big enough to mow the grass for us at times.

Benjamin, also, has had one large purchase - a portable video game devise as well (but one different than William's, I think). He enjoys buying "Poke-mon" much so that we now do not let him buy any more.  He has plenty! And the fact that he doesn't really play with them all that much any more.

Then there's Melissa....yea....I guess it's the girl in her.  There's so much to buy!! Clothes! Jewelry! Clothes! Make-up! Clothes! Did I say clothes?? CLOTHES!  Yes, she's the girly-girl that wants  it all. 

Last week William and Melissa went church camp -and had a ball, I might add!  William accidentally left his wallet at home, so all he had was the $20 I gave him for meals traveling to and from camp. He spent it all on food and  entrance in to some type of water-slide thing, but said even if he had his wallet (with probably over a $100) he didn't see anything else he wanted. But  Melissa? She went through all her money. The $20 I gave her for food as well as I think $30/35 of her own money.  She bought a shirt, snacks, entrance to the water-slide thing...oh, she had fun!

But came home late Friday night broke.

Saturday she was slightly ill and spent most of the day in bed, but Sunday after church when she was all better? She was looking around the house looking for ways to make money for our vacation next week.  So far she has done seven loads of laundry, dusted the base-boards, cleaned off all the doors in the house (lots of scuff marks are now gone! - yea! that makes ME very happy!), and she even mowed some of the yard and used the electric blower to blow off the driveway. She even got to baby-sit the little boy across the street for a little while last night.

Her little nest egg is growing.  But I'm interested in seeing how she spends the money next week....will she be a little more discerning over what she buys or will she give in to immediate gratification and buys the first things she sees??   

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