Thursday, January 17, 2013

New School Year

Last week we started our new semester here. I really like the fact the students here take final exams before the Christmas break. Melissa and Benjamin keep the same classes, but William has four new classes.

This semester he has Probability and Statistics, US History, a computer class, and JR-ROTC.  He came home the first day saying his new classes would be fun. I said, "Good - all easy A's then!" He replied, "I said fun - not easy!"

Well, alrighty then.

But so far he's doing well.

Soccer is still going on. We have four more games before play-offs. I think we'll make it into play-offs. I'm guessing we'll come in second in district - again. Tonight we play the first place team, and if we win tthen we'll win district. Which would be exciting! But let's be real. I don't think we have beaten this school in the whole five years of the program.  I really don't see a change tonight. It's at their home field which is astro-turf. Our boys are use to playing on grass. That ball is going to be flying across the field! Also, they are much bigger and faster than we are. But neither-the-less, I'll be sitting in the very cold temperatures cheering my boys on!

Speaking of cold....I'm done with winter. We've only had a few days of cold, cold temperatures and this week was the first week of nasty sleet/icy weather, but yea. I'm done. I like fall and spring temperatures so much more.

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