Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life's Update

I'm such a bad blogger...but this is for Sonny!

Soccer is over. William's team made it to the first round of the playoffs, but lost 6-0. The game was about three hours away, but Drew and I didn't go. I was working that day and frankly, didn't think he would play, so why drive that far??  Well....he ended up not only starting, but played most of the game he said. Apparently, the coaches changed how they played.

Since they lost so bad, I'm thinking that was a bad decision! Good news is - soccer is over! At least for now. We did not sign up for the local rec team like the coach wanted the players to. William is in the high school play and thought that would keep him busy enough.

Good choice on his part, I thought.

Melissa is participating in the school's beauty pageant again. After buying a dress last year, I told her she could wear that dress or buy another one with her money. So, she bought another one! She got a really good deal. A few weeks ago there was a fun raiser where people donated formal dresses and each one was sold for $25. She got a nice red one. A friend of mine hemmed it and added some sparkly-things to it. We pick it up today -  she texted me a photo - it's beautiful! Now we just got to figure out how to do her hair....

Benjamin in the last few weeks has been tested for the talented music program the other two are in at the school. We found out yesterday that he was accepted. He's thrilled! Drew and I had already decided that if he did not make it in, then he would not be returning to the private teacher we have used. He really didn't click with her...and neither did I. She was nice enough, but I didn't like her policies concerning make-up lessons - or the lack of. She didn't want you to come if you were sick, but didn't really want to make-up lessons either, so that meant I was out $25. No matter now. There's a lot of paperwork involved, so it'll be awhile before Ben starts lessons at school, but that's okay. He's still practicing.

Melissa is babysitting a lot! Some weeks four days a week! This week she's working two days, but has art today,  the dentist on Thursday, and pageant rehearsal Friday makes for a busy, busy week.  She's not happy about that dentist appointment... We were told back in October by the ortho doc that she needs some teeth pulled. At the time we were thinking of doing it over the Holidays, so she wouldn't miss school. But we were in the mist of changing dentist and it just didn't happen. When we did see the new dentist in early January, he agreed that teeth needed to go! So one was pulled. After talking to the ortho doc, they decided that two more teeth needed to be pulled.

Yea....she wasn't too happy about that. When she went back for the first one, I told the dentist that she was very apprehensive about this tooth being pulled.  They thought I was just being an over-reactive mom .

Not so much!

For these next two, she'll get the laughing gas - maybe something else....we'll see. I'm not surprised! This is the child that had to be held down to get a flu shot at 13. She only sat still at 14 for her flu shot because William had my camera and was filming it so he could put the show on facebook.

Public humiliation was enough to get her to sit still.

The other big news here is Andrew has the shingles. Yea - he's not a happy camper.  The sores are on his head and face - a few close to his right eye.  He's at the doctor now getting his eye checked.

I finally said something to the front office at the middle about not subbing a lot - so, supposedly they will move me up the list. I did get to work a half day last Tuesday, all day Friday, and all day yesterday. . I would like to work a few days a week -not just a few days a month. We'll see if I get more days.

That catches you up, Sonny!

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