Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beauty Pageants

Last night Melissa participated in her second beauty pageant. Like last year, this was hosted by the school. While the middle school is just for bragging rights, I think the high school contest is apart of the Miss America competitions...but that's just a rumor - can't confirm that.

Last year Melissa did not make the top fifteen of the middle school - none of us were surprised. While I think she looked just as beautiful as the other girls, she was not comfortable on stage at all. She walked fast...looked very nervous. This year was totally different. She really rocked that stage! She had her walk down slow...looked very poised - very comfortable on stage and in her own skin.

And to all  our disappointment, she still did not make the top fifteen! She was a little hurt, I think.I saw a few tears... I was hurt for her. A comfort, though, was that many were like us in being surprised. The school counselor and librarian both spoke to her and told her she should have been in that top list. There were at least two other girls that did extremely well, and still did not make the top fifteen. One had been in the top fifteen as a sixth grader and even the top five as a seventh grader and here in eight grade - nothing! She is obviously beautiful and in my opinion, did very well on stage. So, what were the judges looking for?

On the other hand, there were several that made the top fifteen and  in my opinion, did not do well at all! Several had trouble walking because their dress had not been hemmed and so, were too long. I personally think if you can't take the time (and money) to get the dressed hemmed and have trouble walking because of it, you should NOT make the top fifteen. (Does that sound like sour grapes? I don't mean to if I do.)

I will say, the girl who won did very well - much better than she did last year. Last year she had this funky walk where she moved her shoulders...very odd. She even did it in the rehearsal Friday afternoon, but someone must have spoken to her. She had a much more normal walk last night.

I hope in this experience Melissa learns that you can't always please strangers....that's she had to believe herself that she is beautiful...take comfort and pride that she is loved by her family and friends...that she had much to offer the world - and the opinion of four strangers have no bearing on her truth.

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