Friday, February 15, 2013

This Week

I worked Monday, yesterday, as well as today. Yesterday and today I was in the same class - I really don't think I could be with the same middle-schoolers day after day.....especially  about four boy in that sixth hour class! Wow! What a pain!

Some people just can't do anything quietly! They have to draw attention to themselves no matter what! And try to be apart of every conversation!! Urggg..

Glad it's a three day weekend!

For most of this year I have only gotten one or two days a month of subbing in, but so far for February I have worked six- asking for more days seem to have worked!

William is a little under the weather - he's been running a fever yesterday and today. I really think it's just a cold - like the rest! Sunday it was Benjamin that wasn't feeling so well and I think it's just being passed around.

Melissa is having her friends sleep over tonight - yes. We're being invaded by teenage girls - much to Ben's dismay. He wanted his friends to spend the night instead. I think they are planning to stay over Sunday night.

Not really sure if I see a quiet weekend ahead.....

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