Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When the kindle and nook craze came around, I decided that it wasn't for me. Mainly, because I'm cheap frugal. (Friend recently told me that frugal means taking care of what God has given me - I love that definition!) II read a lot and knew if I had to pay for each book I read, our budget would be blown to bits!

But several months ago I received my mom's old kindle while she gave herself an early Christmas present: a kindle fire. It took awhile to figure it all out, but I love my kindle.

I really love the fact I can down load books free from our library. I still buy some as my aunt gave me a gift card, but so far I haven't blown our budget to bits.

Drew is eternally grateful.

Drew and I, also, gave each of the kids kindles for Christmas. I think for the first time in several, several years all the kids were very happy with their presents. Each has their own gift card they can use to buy books, but, also, each has learned how to download books from the free library.

Once again, Drew is eternally grateful that our budget is in tack.

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