Friday, February 8, 2013


Yesterday morning I asked William what time his play rehearsal was. Apparently, the answer didn't sink in...

As we were finishing up dinner last night about 6:15 the phone ranged. William answered it - it turned out to the the teacher in charge of the play wanting to know if he was okay since he was late to practice.


 Sooo busted for being forgetful!!

So, William and I hopped into the van and away we went - I didn't even stop to put shoes on.

On one hand I think William's excited to be in the play - he does enjoy performing. But because they don't have enough "extras", almost everyone has to be in the dance scenes.  He has moped some about having to dance. Which confusing Drew and I, because he danced so well when we were at the family reunion at Thanksgiving.

He claims its different. I guess he knew with family he would have nothing but love, but with his friends? On stage? Yea....might be something different.

I'm looking forward to the play in March - I think he'll do great - acting and at the dancing!

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