Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Quiet Week

The two teens of the house left Sunday night for youth camp with our church. I have only heard from them once. Melissa text (on an adult's phone since their phones were taken up) asking if I could go to Old Navy Saturday morning to buy her some flip flops that would be on sale.  Yes, I was a good mom and went  to the dollar flip flop sale.

Oh, my.

It was sort of like Black Friday.....CRAZY!

Then I was even crazier and went to Wal-Mart on a Saturday.  But only because milk and bread was needed and I knew the commissary would be even crazier!

Anyway. It's been a nice week...not really sure what all we did....not a whole lot. Read some, watched a few movies, sewed, celebrated my birthday with lunch with my parents, chores....just normal stuff.

This was the first time  I didn't have all my kids with me on my birthday. There's been several that Drew was gone, but never my kids. That was different. Drew got me a new lap top. We were in need of one badly as ours was five years old -and acted liked it.

I'm trying to get use to the far, I like it!

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