Monday, December 23, 2013


When we moved into this house, we got our king size bed back. Oh, how we missed it while it was in storage for the three years we were in Guam. We did not buy a new comforter - after all, after not seeing it for three years it seemed new all over again. 

But after awhile Drew started to complained that the comforter was too hot. We started looking for a new one that was lighter and in a color and design we could agree on. It took awhile but late summer we finally found one we could agree on. 

It's very close to one I fell in live with before we left for Guam. Which of course, I couldn't find now that I was  seriously looking. 

Then it was time to hang the matching curtains...and decide on a curtain rod. Why in the world these little choices in life drive me crazy, I don't know. But they do. Thankfully, Drew is not so incline to be batty and indecisive. Saturday he drove around town buying all the parts, because one store just can't have it all in stock!!! Sunday he pulled out the ladder and drill and got it done!! 

I'm happy. 

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