Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Benjamin is known for getting some words mixed up. He doesn't go it on purpose, but it just makes the rest of us laugh - much to his dismay. 

Last week when he was home sick, he was watching the news. At one point I walked in and Ben said, "Mom! The Pope was a bumper!!"

Me: A what??

Ben: A bumper

Me: A bumper? As in....what? 

Ben: I think a bar. It was on the news!

Me: Do you mean a bouncer???

Ben: I don't know.  I guess. 

Me: A bouncer is a person in a bar that stands at the door & let's people in and also, takes care of anyone getting into a fight.

Ben: Well, whatever the Pope was one once. 

Me: Well, altighty then. 

This kid makes me laugh! 

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