Saturday, November 23, 2013

So Far

The highligts of our trip so far:

William almost ran over two fools walking along the side of the road while their car blocked our lane. (He got to hear me yell 'STOP' very loudly.)

I ran over a skunk in west Mississippi....the a rabbit in east Alabama. Good thing the kids are older...otherwise they may had been scarred for life. 

William takes curves way too fast...that time he got to hear me yell,  'oh, Jesus, Jesus, help! SLOW DOWN!!! Jesus, help!!!"  William's reply? "That was FUN!!'' 

I almost hit a car in my blind spot. Good thing he saw me and slowed down. 

I got to visit one of my college roommates. Oh, how I love visiting Jenny & family!! So worth taking the long way! It was just too short of a visit. Need to plan a longer one. Out kids get along so well! Miss them. 

William decided the van needed 'character'. It now sports some black marks where the van and a light pole kissed. Wonder what Drew will say....

I've been searching the AM radio stations for college football scores. Hope my Rebels get their act together & win like those tigers did today.  

I'm tired of being in the car...glad William can help drive...even if  he's still learning. And very glad Jesus is watching out for us tonight...almost to my husband. 

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