Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Subbing With Ghosts

The class I worked in today will be reading and working through A Christmas Carol beginning next week.  To induced the idea of ghost, today I showed the reality TV show Ghost Hunters.  I had never seen this show before - I knew there were several shows on TV concerning ghost, but never had the desire to watch one. 

And today I got to watch it six times.


The first class was the only one where just about every student said they did NOT believe in ghost. Oh, I'm sure at least one student did, but after one of the popular boys said, "I only believe in the Holy Ghost!!" they kept quiet, I'm sure.  All the other classes lend more toward believing in ghost. Many had  "stories". A few I think were flat out making up stories - several do being the center of attention.  Others stories seem to be just a child's imagination.

One class was just awful. AWFUL!!!  Way too many students.....several with attitudes...but they did find out that I can have an attitude as well!

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