Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When It's Done, It's Done....

As I said the other day, Monday I was NOT in a good mood - just not ready for Drew to get gone again.  On Tuesday I was not in any better mood....especially after Drew told me he got the official offer for the local job. While it was great news that the offer came in, we were very disappointed that start date is late January. We were hoping - praying - that it would be in December.

We are very ready to have our family in one location.

At the beginning of service on Sunday, the worship leader asked for prayer for a lady in our church that was served divorce papers on Saturday - totally out of the blue for her.  Later in the service my friend Jennifer, who is enduring a year deployment with her husband leaned over and said, "In a year this will be over for us- but for that lady -it'll never be over."

A very sobering thought. 

While I was in a bad mood Monday with Drew leaving then Tuesday with this late date, I remembered this thought of Jennifer's mid-Tuesday afternoon - and yea.  Life could be worse.

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