Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday Boy

Friday we celebrate Benjamin's thirteenth birthday. I think he had a good day - even if he had to go to school! Since this was his thirteenth, it was a year he had a party with his friends.  We had six of his friends over for pizza and cake. Then we went to the opening night of the movie Ender's Game.  It's another youth fiction book brought to the big screen, so most of the boys had read the book.   Overall, I think everyone had a good time....just was missing Drew!

As our tradition, Benjamin got to request the type of cake he wanted. He asked for a cinnamon roll cake.  Hmmm....okay. I had to search for a recipe, but I found one. It was really easy - just make a basic cake recipe, pour it in a baking pan, then pour a mixture of melted butter, sugar, and cinnamon over it and bake. During serving you pour icing over it as well.  After Ben took his first bite, he dropped his fork and gave me a big long hug. 

"I take it that you like the cake??"

"Oh, yes!!"

 The boy next to him closed his eyes and stopped talking as he ate his first bite -yea....he liked it as well. Two other boys did the same, but added, "Can you be my mommy???!!!"

Funny, kids!  So, yea. The un-usual cake was a big hit!  Ben's already asked for it next year.

(The pictures of Benjamin and his friends are on my camera - this is the only one I took on my phone. I'll try to download and post those soon.)
Benjamin turning thirteen made me think of William turning thirteen....which you can read about here.

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