Monday, November 11, 2013

Surprising the Kids with a Daddy Weekend

Drew and I knew that it would be a long 38 days between our visit in Memphis and our planned visit Thanksgiving week, so he planned to come home this past weekend. I decided not to tell the kids to see if I could surprise them. Which I did! It was fun seeing their faces! Melissa - the Prickly Pear Herself - let Dad give her a long hug. I think she misses him....not that she would admit it...but she doe.s  William was totally thrilled! He gave his daddy like a five minute hug! So sweet! Benjamin was excited as well. He had asked earlier in the day to stay over at a friend's house, and was greatly upset when I said no.  He couldn't understand why and let me know it!  But after seeing his daddy, he understood that I had a reason....he just needed to trust me!

Saturday was filled with watching the Ole Miss game, errands, a few chores that only a husband thinks about doing, and a nice diner out. Sunday was church, a nap, Benjamin's induction ceremony to National Jr Honor Society, and a trip to the State Fair.

The State Fair honored all Veteran's with free admittance  which is really the only time we'll go - it's DANG expensive!!  And we really aren't fair people.  The praise band from our church played at five o'clock.  It was a great time - sitting outside listening to great music. Miss those kinds of times with Drew. To top off the evening  we had red velvet funnel a great creation. So yummy!

Then came this morning. Hated taking Drew back to the airport and seeing him leave again. I really hadn't had any bad days since he left in July. Oh, there's been times when I wished he was there to see the kids do something or times when I just wanted him around, but not days when I was depressed. Until today. 

Yea, I'm done. Stick a fork in me.....

Drew and I both think he'll be able to move home within the next month or two, so it's not like we're still have an open-end date, but we're ready to have our family one in location again.

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