Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Day

My day took a surprising turn - ok, well. Not TOO surprising, I guess. As a sub if the phone doesn't ring by 6:20, then I'm good to go on my making my own plans for the day. I had a nice list to work on...

...finish cleaning the oven. I started last night and got the top layers of grime off, but it needed to sit in the cleaner overnight. As the kids were making their lunches, I scrubbed off the last of the grime.  While it probably is not as clean as it should be - it's not perfect! - it's clean enough!

....laundry. With three kids - one a teenage boy in soccer - there seems to always be laundry to do. But I had worked on it yesterday, so I only had two more loads - mostly mine.   I started  that last load when I headed to the kitchen.

....quilting. I have the goal of Thanksgiving to complete quilt I'm working on for Dawn.  But I'm not even done with the top....still lots to do!

....other odds and ends....always, stuff to do!!

But then at 7:20 the phone ranged. 7th and 8th grade math. Urgg. Not my best subject.  But I could tell the teacher was REALLY not feeling well. Beside, the above list is not a big enough reason to stay home when I haven't really worked a lot this year. 

It ended up being a great day. Several really good classes.....a few snooty teenage girls that need to be taken down a notch or two...not my job - and they weren't too bad for me....but I can tell they give a few teachers and probably their parents a run for their money.  I, also, got a text later in the day asking me to work a few other days. Feast or famine.

But it's good to be working.... AND!! I did get my oven cleaned before school, finished laundry after school, worked on the quilt while dinner was cooking.....and  to top it all off - my favorite part of the day: having a sit down dinner with my family. I LOVE having dinner with the kids and listening to the stories of the day....LOVE IT!!

Today we  officially found out that William made varsity team for soccer. We all felt like he would since he made it as a freshman and a sophomore. Sunday the season ended for the local rec team and Monday started the high school league. Should be a good year. We all really think we can take district this year - instead of 2nd place like we have their last two years.

Also, William brought home paperwork to order a class ring.  Yes, this means he's growing up!  He's not really sure he wants a ring or not. I told him only he could make that decision. Not me, him.

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