Monday, October 14, 2013

Quotes From the Weekend

Melissa to William as she was explaining that we would have two hotel rooms -one for the kids and the second for the parents because "you know what they DO!!!"  Ah, yes. What the parents "DO" learning about the facts of life wreck that part of your life!!

William as we were an hour or so outside of Little Rock, "Why are we going to Georgia by way of Arkansas??"  Me: "Where do you think we're going?" Him: "Atlanta" Me: " We're going to Memphis to pick up your father from the airport then we're going to Ole Miss.  Not Atlanta. Not  Georgia - or anywhere near there. Where did you get that idea?"  Him, "I don't know. Just thought we were going to Atlanta."  Crazy kid.  And to think he made a near perfect grade in geography.

Melissa at the ice skating rink, "I'm the best dressed person here!"  Yes, Princess, you are. (She had a skirt that twirled and tights.)

William as we were pulling into Danver's for dinner, "You think it's a nice restaurant...until you see the drive-thru...."  Not sure what he expected when we said it had sandwiches and a nice salad bar.

Usually, it's Benjamin that makes the funny comments....he's been on the quiet side this weekend...I'm sure that won't last long!

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