Tuesday, October 8, 2013

If Only......

If only I could have taken a picture or video of Melissa tonight! I had told the kids to clean their bathrooms yesterday, but she had a migraine and went to bed  - skipped supper even.  So, tonight she needed to clean her bathroom.  As I went to tuck her in and say good night, I asked her if she cleaned her bathroom.

Hm.....cleaned it...hm...yea.....

Yea, I know that look. Did you clean your bathroom yesterday or today??!!?? 


So, up she went - after I took away her kindle, phone, and some money I say laying on her nightstand. "But I'm not dressed!!"

No one's looking!!!

So she got up and cleaned her bathroom - with GREAT guidance from me! - in her underwear and bra.

But her bathroom was so sad being dirty....it's now happy.

Tomorrow, her room will need to get happy.....

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