Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Day of Sports

Benjamin had a great cross country meet this morning. He ran the two miles in 15:30 - about a minute fast than the last meet. Very proud of him! He is having such a better year this year than last. No asthma or walking pneumonia, thank goodness! 

This afternoon we baked in the sun during William's soccer game. 90 degrees have never felt so hot. William played great! I can see improvement in his footwork and passing. We ruled the game! But sadly we could NOT get a ball into the goal! We must have kicked the ball towards the goal two dozen times and their goalie was there EVERY time! He really earned his keep today.  Sadly. Even more sad, the ball found the net for them. So, we lost one to zero. 

Hopefully, William's game will go better tomorrow afternoon. 

****this failed to post earlier...the pictures were taken Saturday...trying again....update: William's soccer game on Subday was cancelled due to rain. 

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