Monday, October 21, 2013


We're on to another week around here. Last week was all about recovering from the Memphis trip...all normal stuff.  Melissa babysitting...William had soccer games (tied one, won two - got one goal)...Benjamin had cross country practice...normal stuff.

Thursday night Melissa met up with her aunt and a cousin and went to Natchez for the weekend for a  hot air balloon race.  As usual, she had a wonderful time! I had originally planed not to go because I thought I would be working, but it ended up I didn't get scheduled to work. Ben and I really thought about going...but we both thought we would rain on Melissa's parade. I know how much she loves these weekends away from us and getting spoiled by her aunts and older cousins and grandparents. And she did. She's already planning next year's balloon race weekend. (But the rest of us may just crash that one!!)

The highlight of the weekend was Ole Miss beating lsu in football.  That win was a long time coming!! I think it's been since 2009 since we beat them. It was a sweet win!  Hopefully, we'll win a few more (despite many of our players being injured) and get a bowl game! Lots of the season is left...we'll see. We still have a few more tough games ahead.

Drew is doing well still in DC...and we're still not sure when he'll get to move home. All the background paper work that needs to be done in order for him to start the local job is moving ahead. Last week he requested official transcripts to be sent in and this week he'll have a physical and a drug test done.  We would love for him to be home around Thanksgiving, but not sure...that may be too optimistic....Christmas for sure, I think.

Last week William took the PSAT. Overall, he felt like he did well. He said the math was easy, but he didn't not finish the last question. It was fill-in the blank, so he couldn't even guess.  He thinks he did well on the reading comprehension - which he usually does. But then there was the grammar part....yeah....not so well there.  We (Drew and I with William consenting) have decided to look into him taking a class to improve his grammar.   This is where our school doing a "4 by 4" block schedule is a problem. He took English last fall and will has it this year beginning in January, so that means he has gone a whole year without any grammar.   We'll get the results of the PSAT sometime in December, I think.

Today while Drew was at the laundry-mat, his (MINE!!) laundry basket, hangers, and dryer sheets were stolen as his back was turned to switch one of his loads.  He said he couldn't believe someone would steal it!  But then felt sad for them....if you're that bad off you need to steal a laundry basket - then take it! Of course, it would have been nice if you asked first.....

If you know of a cloning machine, please, send it my way before Thursday afternoon.  All four of us need to be in four different locations at the same time.  Not sure how this will play out......

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