Monday, October 6, 2014

All for Safety Sake...Really???

I'm all for safety.  I tell my kids that most of the rules in our house revolve around safety.  We don't throw a ball (more like kick the soccer ball in this family) in the house, because I want to keep our possessions safe.  I want them to wear a helmet while biking or a seat-belt in the car all for safety reasons.

But I think there comes a time in our world that we have taken safety way too seriously.  Currently, in Washington State insurance companies want schools to pull down their swing sets. Really?  I think it's a bit ridiculous. Yes, there are times people - small kids even - get knocked over from someone on a swing.  But can't we watch our little ones better?  Can't we teach the older kids to watch out for the toddlers instead of taking a part of childhood away?

Then there's football.  This weekend after BIG wins, Ole Miss and Kentucky students and fans stormed the fields.  Both schools were fined. The reason? Safety.   But yet Baylor wasn't fined during their annual Baylor Line Run as the current freshman class run out of the tunnel. As you can see from the video it's total chaos! They were lucky than those students that fell down were not trampled to death!

Compared that "run" to the almost cooperative spirit at Ole Miss and Kentucky, where people (security guards!) were helping people down from the stands, which is more dangerous??

We just need to step away from fear and the law suits and let people have fun!

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