Friday, October 24, 2014

This Week

We started the week here.....

....mis-reading a food label brought out the epi-pen for William. I would like to say this mistake won't happen again, but sadly, I'm sure it will. I will say it was a great reminder to the kids that there's a reason why I harp and harp about keeping epi pens close by. (The reaction happened at church and none of the kids had an epi with them. Thankfully, we only live three minutes away!)

We ended this week with Benjamin's honor roll ceremony. 

All the kids earned all A's but the high school does not hold awards ceremonies. Ben not only got all A's, but also top ten for reading points. 

In between these events we got concrete poured for our backyard. A few weeks ago the front driveway extension was poured, but then we got rain, rain, and more rain. Nothing was done last week other than drying out. They are currently working on the brick wall and should finish by next weekend. Pictures to come! 

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