Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Lazy Saturday

After having to get up the early for most of the past few months on Saturdays or just having someplace to be (mainly the soccer field!), today we had nothing planned. So very nice.  All but William slept in late...he had to get up before seven to ref some soccer games.  This was the last day for that, though.

As I was being lazy and just reading in my chair, a friend text saying she was going to Sam's Club and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I had told her a earlier in the week that I would like to tag along on her next trip there.  While we now have a Sam's Club close to us, we have not bought a membership.  And after today I think we still won't....just don't think we'll save money there since we have access to the base's commissary.  But I did buy a few things today that I thought were a good deal....some lotion, chips for the kids' lunches....sugar and salt were a good price.... But not enough deals to want to fork over the money for a membership.

We spent the rest of the day trying to stay warm....reading, watching some football.... Drew was able to plant some azalea bushes and got some other chores done around the house. I made roasted acorn squash curry soup - oh, so good!! (Also, made hamburgers because I know my kids did NOT want that soup!!)

I'm trying to get the kids to write out some things they want for Christmas. Melissa, of course, has a list of things that she would like. The boys?  They have no clue. As usual. Boys are so hard to buy for!!

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