Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Learning Curve

When I arrived home from work today, William had a few friends over to work on a school project. They worked on it some Monday, but did not finish. For the project they had to work out math problems to figure out how much of certain ingredients used to make brownies. 

Or at least, I think that's the basic ideas of the project.

Watching three seventeen year boys bake was....interesting.  They really were not in they didn't have all the ingredients. There was at least one boy making a trip to his house to raid his mom's pantry. (It would have been so much easier if William had let me know what he needed as I was at the commissary earlier this week.....but they are seventeen and NOT bakers! Or planners!!) 

It was so hard for me not to take over!! I did give a few helpful hints...then left the room. William like all teenagers are a little sensitive to mom being around at times. 

They definetly were taking the long way to it seem to take them almost an hour to melt the butter and chocolate over the double boiler. (Would have been faster if they had defrosted  that frozen butter in the microwave a bit....but no.) 

As I said I came home at 3:40 and they were gathering the items. I left at 6 for church and they were just putting the brownies in the oven.  

Oh, my. 

Hope they taste good!! 

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