Sunday, June 7, 2015


This past week William and I went to freshman orientation. Overall, it was slightly overwhelming...lots of information.  But by the end I do think the professors he'll have will be good for him. He'll be in an honor's program that offers small classes. This way the professors will be able to get to know him. I like that.

Also, this week I was able to see William in a causal setting with some of his peers....most of whom he never meet before.  I was relieved to see he was at least trying to connect to them.  Every since he was in the seventh grade we have tried to get some help for his shyness.  Only to be "blown-off" by the school counselors and teachers.  Everyone said "oh, he's fine. He'll out grow it." 

Well, he never has! We've had some major issues with it.  But this week, I think I finally saw a small sign that maybe in college he'll out-grow some of it.

Praying that's the case.

He left before me due to me working on Wednesday.  When I saw him Thursday morning, I asked him if he knew anyone in his group.  He said no.  I said, "All new people, huh?" I got a grunt in response to that.  Then I said, "You don't like new people, do you?"

"No! No, I don't!" was his reply.  I just had to laugh.  That's my William.  But by the end of the time there he was more relaxed....and hopefully, he'll realize all those new people aren't so scary after all.

Praying that is the case, as well.

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