Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Days of School

William's last day of school was earlier this month. He got home just before lunch, so I took him out for lunch them to his favorite place. 

The library. 

Where he picked out ten books. 

I love my book worm.

Benjamin's last day was just this Tuseday. He found out he made the high school soccer team - yes, he was very exited, but he, also, excepted it. That night he had an awards & crossover ceremony. He got the Principal Awards for having straight A's all year. 

I took him and his best friend out for lunch on Wensday to celebrate. It was very nice to chat with both of them and hear what they were hoping to get involved with in high school. Both will try to join the robotics club as well as some of the other STEM clubs. (Yes, their geeks. Nerds. And they are totally okay with that!)

Melissa's last day was yesterday - Thursday, because the high school holds finals for all classes. She went out to eat for lunch with a friend. (Too cool for mom!) 

In the evening several of all the kids' friends came over to burn some of their school papers, books, and other work. The all were so excited!! Lots of glee and giggles. Afterwards, they played a few games, ate pizza, and just hang out. A great way to start the summer. 

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