Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quick Witted

Yesterday the middle school year book came out. For each eight grader there were two adjectives describing the student.  Benjamin's words were "quick witted" and "reliable".  I thought both were exactly right.

As the high school soccer  coach found out yesterday!

Whenever William would score a goal, as he was running back to the middle of the field for the kick off, he would pound his fist at his side. Nothing boisterous, just a little movement with his head down as he was running.  Over the years the coach has made several comments about this habit - called it William's "finisher". It's so different than the other boys with their yelling and screaming and high-fiving other players. 

Yesterday was the try-outs for the high school team for next year (It's usually in October - not sure why the coach did it so early) and Benjamin tried out.  (Of course, he did! Not doubt!  He has been waiting to play for HIS school for a long time since there's not team for the elementary or middle schools.)   During the try-out the coach asked Benjamin, "Do you have a "finisher" like your brother?"

Benjamin's rely?


Sassy even.

"I guess you'll have to wait until I score to see."

Yep.  The coach is learning that Benjamin is a different boy that his older brother.  William would have NEVER answered an adult like that. He would have barely had any words at all - mostly grunts.  But not my Benjamin.

After he told me what had been said, I told him that I probably shouldn't be laughing. After all, it's on the verge of being disrespectful.  But laugh, I did.

Hope the coach did as well.

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