Monday, May 18, 2015

The End And Almost The End

This weekend marked The End of high school for William  - he is an official high school gradate.  It was a great weekend with lots of family in town.  The day went just about perfect!  The rain even held out until we were at home.

Day is Almost the End of school for Benjamin and Melissa.  Benjamin has finals today and tomorrow, then a small "cross-over" ceremony tomorrow night  and he's done with middle school! (School is still in session until Thursday, but I'm not making him need in him helping  the teachers clean the rooms!) 

Melissa has finals Wednesday and Thursday...she'll only get out early a few hours. She was actually studying last night, so I think she's almost ready for her test....but I know she will be very happy when they are over!

This afternoon is sort of a big event for Benjamin. For reasons I'm not very clear on, the high school soccer coach decided to host try-outs for next session now instead of the normal October time-frame. Benjamin left for school with his soccer bag all  packed with his gear and extra snacks.  I feel like he'll make the team... After all, like his older brother, he's been playing since he was small - and he's good! (I know, I know....the mom always says that!) The coach knows William has a younger brother that plays as the family name will help!  I'm not sure when they team will be announced....tomorrow perhaps.

Other big news here is the rain.  Lots and lots of rain.....too bad we can't ship some of it to California with their drought...while their lakes drain empty, ours are over-flowing.

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