Thursday, May 21, 2015


Late in the evening on Wednsday the little brother from across the street was banging on our door telling us that Benjamin was at his house bleeding. 

Not what a Momma wants to hear!

After I got to the neighbor's house and saw Ben, I was very relieved to see him not covered in blood. He did have some in his hair, but not covered or dripping. 

He was coming down the stairs from their playroom and tried to jump over a board that was at the bottom of the stairs to keep the dog out. But Ben didn't factor in the low ceiling at the bottom of the stairs. 


Thankfully. The bleeding stopped within a few minutes and so we elected not to make an ER trip. As Drew was washing the blood out of his hair, we found a second cut. That one was smaller than the picture of the one below and it had stopped bleeding as well. 

I'm sure Benjamin will have a headache in the morning, though.

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