Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Oh, Benjamin!

One of things that I love to do with my family is having family dinners. Especially, when it's full of laughter. But Drew and I, also, are still trying to get the kids to eat vegetables. Which they are STILL trying to avoid.

The other day when my parents were here we had a nice dinner. But the kids were resisting the butter beans....and the salad...  They each ate about  two beans....and swallowed them like you would medicine.

Yea....It's still a learning process around here.

At one point Benjamin pointed out that he had salad, but I said, "Yea, but you didn't eat all of it - there's still lettuce on your plate."

He then processed to pick up his lettuce and put it on his napkin.  "Not on my plate anymore."

Oh, Benjamin.  You do make me laugh...especially when I should be yelling at you for your sassiness.

But Ben wasn't laughing when his father put more salad on his plate.  The rest of us did - which just about push Ben into tears.  He was very thankful when Drew told him he didn't have to eat the extra lettuce - that he was just messing with him.

That kid....makes me wonder what he'll say next!

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Polly said...

I am SO glad to hear that you're having problems with vegetables too. Mine will eat them if the vegetables are IN something. But NOT by themselves. FRUSTRATION!
I guess us mamas are in this together!