Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Ponderings....

One of the things I have been pondering this Christmas is how can singers sing some of our beautiful Christmas hymns about Christ, but yet not believe in Christ. Sort of has me befuddled... Also, what exactly are non-Christians celebrating when they celebrate Christmas??  Do they really just see it as a time to give and get gifts??  That just seems so shallow and pointless to me....Christ gives meaning to so much in my life and especially during this time of the year. I can't imagine Christmas without Christ.

This has come about by us watching an interview of James Taylor. In it he states that he was raised in a home that did not attend any church.  We have a Christmas music CD of his that we listen to when we are in Drew's car.  Some of the songs he sings are so heartfelt!  But yet in the interview he talks of being "spiritual", but that's not the same as being a Christian with a saving belief in Jesus.

He's not the only one. One just has to listen to the radio (or Pandora or iTunes or Spotify) to hear just about any famous (and many not-so famous) people recording Christmas songs.  And like James Taylor most seem very heartfelt.  But then you look at their lives or read more of them and you just do you sing of the Birth of a Savior and not believe in the words you are singing???

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