Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What Not To Wear

During this past summer my friend Cheryl and I were talking about clothes. I said I needed someone to play Stacy and Clinton from TLC's What Not To Wear and go through my closet.  Well, she said she would!  Last week we finally both had free time.

And she through out most of my clothes....probably about half...  But this being first world, I still have a lot of clothes - plenty! - to wear.  She pointed out which clothes are the wrong color for me - which I'm not good at all!  She, also, helped me get rid of some items that were too big....but I still wear. There were several shirts that I didn't wear a much  - mainly, because I really didn't like them.  What am I keeping them then??  TIME TO LET THEM GO!!!

While she would love for me to get rid of more pants, I had to keep them so I would have something to wear!  I think she only liked one pair of jeans and one pair of other pants!   I just have a hard time finding pants that really fit, so I just don't shop for pants much. The end result it that I wear pants that are too big and just wear a belt.  

We did not have time to go through my skirts or shorts...maybe another day.  I do want her to go shopping with me when I start to replace these items...especially, pants!!! And I need to write down what colors she said looks best on purples need to be more wine not grays....See. I can't even remember!!

But it was  fun afternoon!! We laughed so much!!  Another friend was with us, Tonya. Now, Tonya doesn't care one wit about clothes! She usually just wears tee shirts. After it was all over, Tonya said - "Cheryl is NEVER getting close to MY closet!"

Soooo looking forward to shopping with Cheryl!!

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Polly said...

How fun! I wish she could come help me. My closet is a disaster. I went though and got rid of a lot of big stuff last week. Still need to purge more.