Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Another Holiday Season Story

This is a picture of one of many steet entertainers we saw on Bourbon Street & French Quarters during our New Orleans trip for the Sugar Bowl. 

Yes, I took my teens to Bourbon Street. After dark. On New Year's Eve. 

I know some would criticize that decision. Obviously, I disagree. My kids have been on Bourbon street before - probably never after dark though. But Drew and I both wanted to go. And besides: if I'm with them the first time, I can comment and help them process all they saw. Now the mystery is gone....I don't think it'll now hold the allure that some have of this grand place. Besides, we were back in our hotel room by 8:30 - well before things got too crazy. 

So. We saw lots of musicians...really wish it had been warm enough for us to find a place to sit to enjoy the music. Also, we saw people dressed in all sorts of ways...from wearing their team's colors to formal dress (as it was New Year's Eve!).  We, also, saw others dressed ...well....interesting is the only word that comes to mind. To be honest there was one person I couldn't tell the gender... Drew said I should have looked closer....but it was a..hmmm...'plump' person in a bikini and I really didn't need THAT cluttering up my mind. 

There was a person in a Minion costume, Star Wars' Storm-trooper, and Chi-baca. 

But on the way back to our hotel things got interesting... Melissa and I popped into a McDonald's to use the bathroom. Drew and William stayed outside to wait for us....and got to see a drug bust. 

Drew thought it was over meth. 

Well now. That's something we don't see everyday!

Then. The next night. We were walking to the Super-Dome for the Sugar Bowl... William was leading us and got hugged by a drunk (or high) guy asking if William had a 'cig' and wanted to know what drugs he had. 

William asked, 'I got nothing, man'. (Which is the ONLY correct answer when your family is with you!) 

There was a police officer following this guy and quickly told him to 'leave these good people alone and move on'.  It all happened so fast! Too fast for any of us to really say or do anything. The guy moved on....and so did we!

The irony is Drew has his gun with him most of the time he travels. Not this night. But in the end we got to the Dome safe and sound. 

Yep, my kids got the full New Orleans  experience.

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