Sunday, January 17, 2016

Grilled Oysters, King Cake, Friend and William

Drew and I got a craving for grilled oysters.  It's one of the dishes we love getting when we're are in New Orleans. Drew called around here in town and found a place to buy them fresh by the bag. 

Next item was to find friends to help us eat them. Our good friends, Tim and Tricia were on board...until soccer wrecked my schedule and we had to change a night Tricia had to work. 

So, we asked several other friends, but they turned their noses up at oysters. But two couples - one from Drew's work & one from church - decided they were up for some. The couple from work use to live down on the coast and not only liked oysters, but the husband was an expert at shucking them - yea!! And in the end we needed that help!! Takes awhile to shuck a bag!

The other couple had never had oysters before, but were brave in helping  shuck and at eating them. They are now believers! 

And the King cake? Oh, so, yummy!! This one was strawberry and it had slices of fresh strawberries in the jelly filling. I'm hoping there's more of them for me in the festival season. 

But the best part of the evening?? A visit from William. It was so nice to see him. Of course, he was really just in the house because of the oysters. But still. A nice visit! 

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