Friday, February 5, 2016

Movies of the Holiday Season

A little late....but it seems I have a terrible time getting a turn on the lap top these days....  BUT! Over the holidays Drew and I saw several movies....

1. Spectre with the famous 007 James Bond.  I have seen all the James Bond movies, I think. Grow up seeing them with my mom.  But walking out of this one, I told Drew I didn't need to see anymore.  I'm done. 

2. Star Wars - yep - remember seeing the original ones in the theaters as a child as well with my brother and cousin.  Surprisingly, I like this one.  The humor was very spot on! I liked how the old characters returned and I liked the new faces.  Very well done.

3. Hungry Games: Mockingjay Part 2 -  I read the book - several years ago.  Overall, I liked this movie...this third book was my least favorite of the three, but the movie was well done.  I liked the us a glimpse of where the characters end-up in the future.

4. Bridges of Spies - My favorite movie in this bunch! The story is a trade between the US and Russia over spies based on a true story.  Really well done...should be enjoyable for a wide range of ages.

As I look at the list of movies in theaters this week, I see nothing that I want to see...maybe we can find something on the DVR....or I'll just grab a book to read!  You know I always have a one around that I want to read!

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