Friday, February 19, 2016

When Bourbon Street Has a Baby...

South Beach Miami....this is what happens when Bourbon Street and Latin America has a baby... just call her Trashy. 

Yes, I was surprised.  I know.  Even Benjamin was like "Mom? Really?  It's SOUTH BEACH!!"

But yea.  Not really what I was excepting.  Not sure why...probably too much "Million Dollar Real Estate" watching for me, I guess.

But Key West?  Loved it.  Would go back there again.

Miami?  No, not really....would pass on that.

But I did enjoy myself!  I'm glad we went.

So. Why exactly was I surprised about??  I guess it was how the sidewalk restaurants were set up. Any other time I have seen tables outside a restaurant they were on a sidewalk but next to the restaurant.  In South Beach there were also tables between where you walk and the street. It made it seem like you were walking right through the restaurant.  We even had to dodge the servers with their trays of food. At times you had to stop to let the servers or others pass and it was like you were joining the costumers during their meals.

And the hosts??  Most of them were in your face asking if you wanted a table for two or telling you what was on the menu. Sensory overload for me, I guess. (And I could really have done without the two guys offering us cocaine...and yes. We did PASS on that offer! We just kept walking - fast!!)

And the size of some drinks we  Why? Seriously? Does a table of two really need a gallon of alcohol?? Just another sign of America having to have the biggest, I guess.  But when you see a girl with her head on the table and half the drink gone, you have to wonder if she's really having fun.

One of the funniest sights for me though was one of the bouncers. This particular restaurant at one point had a  host/bouncer stand at either end of their part of the sidewalk to block traffic so a "lady"  (aka: drag queen) could perform.  One of the bouncers just stood there with his head in down and he was rubbing his forehead with his hand - it was like he was saying to himself, "How did I get here?"  It just struck me as funny.

As I said earlier, we loved Key West - There were several things we didn't get to do due to time, so I would love to go back.  But not drive there....While the drive between Miami and Key West was beautiful, its a drive you really only need to do once.  Two lanes....slow drivers....yea... just once, please.

Over the long weekend, we had some great food! That did not disappoint!  The weather was just so-so....a few nice days, but also a day of rain.

We did one of those bus tours on the open top bus.  We've done several of these through-out our travels, but this is the first time we were unhappy.  The tour guides were just not that good...maybe too young?  Or maybe Miami just has a boring history??  But once again - the bus tour of Key West was very enjoyable!

Overall, it was  a great way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary! 

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