Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Good and the Ugly

Another quilt done!

The Good:  I love the elephant! This was my first time using a technique called 'paper piecing'. It took a little while before I got comfortable with it, but when I did I enjoyed it.  I would use it again! I don't think that elephant could get any cuter!! 

The Ugly: puckers. (Deep sigh...) the gray was left over from my owl quilt and I forgot that I had cut this fabric in the bias- which means it stretches. A lot! But I totally remembered when I put the borders on...and saw all the puckers.  Frustrating. Oh, well. It's done. 

With this elephant pattern as well as my owl quilt, I feel in love with the pattern first. But sometimes it's the fabric that inspires me. I have some beautiful gray fabric with pink flowers that reminds me of Japan. I'm not sure what exactly I want to do with it....I bought two yards - which is enough to be a focal point of a quilt. While I think about it, I'll do another scrappy I'm always trying to keep a handle on how much fabric I have...really don't want to be a hoarder of fabric! 

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