Monday, October 31, 2016

This and That And Halloween

I hate Halloween. 

Part of it is because of the history of it...and part of it is because as my kids were growing up they really didn't get into it (yes....that may be part of my fault!!)  William never liked anything the least bit scary.  Halloween is getting scarier and scarier as the years go by.  But, also, none of my kids could eat the candy they would have gotten trick-or-treating due to food allergies. 

Now -or at least in my part of town - Halloween is just a reason for people - teenagers!-  to be flat out wild and crazy.  Urggg..

So...I'll be back in my bedroom with all the lights off tonight.


I have been making my way through the contemporary murder/romance series by Julie Garwood.  As I read back-to-back books by the same author, I can see her "formula".  For the most part the ones I have read all have the same things in common: the hero and heroine are totally opposites, the heroine is knock-out-gorgeous; the hero a total "man's man" (very macho - like lots of muscles), and  many being in some type of law enforcement, some bad guy wants to kill the heroine and so the hero needs to be by her side constantly.  Which, of course, makes them fall in love - BUT!! They fight it.  They usually do end up in bed, but both say it's only gonna happen that once - then for different reason, the hero has to leave the heroine usually because they think they have the bad guy.

But, then, no. There's another guy that's REALLY the bad guy.  But in the end they do get the real bad guy. And yes, the hero and heroine decide after a near-death event, they can't live without the other.

So, why do I keep reading?  Ms. Garwood has been very creative on the mystery part....I'm enjoyed seeing what she comes up with. Also, the humor between the characters is very entertaining...and I LOVE when characters from other books make an's like seeing an old friend.


Speaking of old friends...yesterday I was able to have lunch with one of my best friends from high school who was, also, my maid of honor at my wedding.  We talked and the years of separation had never happened.  She was in town for a college reunion event, but may have to come back on town due to work....I hope so. I would love to meet up again.


Just to update any one that was concerned:  I found Benjamin's soccer shorts.  They were in a plastic bag deep under a ton of stuff that is slated for the Goodwill. 

Good thing it's been awhile since I made a donation to the Goodwill.... I seem to remember giving him the bag of soccer stuff so that it could get into his soccer backpack...yea....that didn't happen.

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