Monday, November 28, 2016

Conversations at Our Dinner Table

Last week when Melissa came home from her trip she left her backpack and her suitcase out on and around the kitchen table.  One of the items left out was a bag of goldfish that her friend gave her so she would have a snack on the plane ride back home. Melissa's mistake was leaving them in the kitchen...and not wrapping them up and putting her name on them or putting them in her snack basket in the pantry.

Nope...she just left them by her other things....where her brother could see them...and the temptation was  great for Benjamin.

While he sat and played computer games, he ate a few of those goldfish.  And a few more....and a few more.  Over the course of an afternoon, he ate the whole bag.

Yep. There was screaming by the girl when she found the empty bag.

Tonight's dinner conversation she reminded him that he owes her food.  Goldfish would be preferable.

This is not the first time one of her brothers ate her food....and probably won't be the last....

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