Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas is Up!!

Our house is finally decorated for Christmas...well...sort of...all but the tree.  And at the moment we have decided not to get a tree this year. Not sure if that decision will stand...we'll see. In the past we have  picked it out before Thanksgiving and then gone back to the Christmas tree farm that's close by after Thanksgiving to actually cut the tree down. But this year we never did go and pick out the tree.  And with the rain this weekend, we didn't want to buy one wet. So...that leaves us with no tree right now...   I do have an artificial tree upstairs at the window - that just may do for this year. 

I actually have several small trees throughout the house. At one point in time some of them were in the kids' rooms, but now they seem not to care if they have their own or not, so they have stayed in the front of the house.

And they don't seem to care about us having a big one'll do easy this year.

I like easy.

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