Thursday, December 8, 2016

Sweet in the Bitterness

One of the great things about living in north Louisiana is being able to spend the day with my parents....especially knowing they don't have many years left. My dad has had dementia for many years now and our relationship is much different than it was ten years ago before his stroke. 

While he can't really carry on a conversation that someone else starts, if he has something on his mind, he'll try his best to tell a story. Usually with me he tells the same story about this huge black cast-iron pot they have in the back yard. It came from his grandmother.  I'm not exactly sure what she did with it...I tease dad and call it the witch's cauldron since that's what it reminds me of and I ask if she cooked chickens in it over an out-door fire. 

But this week for my visit Dad's mind was on other things than the black pot. He told me about how he got the mantle he saw someone throwing it out, but dad offered him five dollars for it instead. He, also, told me he has the best wife in the world. 

Yes, Dad!! YOU DO!!  Mom takes such good care when of him! Dad, then, said the best line ever: We didn't kiss on that first date, but we kiss everyday now!

Yep, Dad! I'm sure y'all do! Maybe that's the secret to being married over 53 years....don't kiss at first, but then kiss everyday. 

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