Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Brutal Morning Coming

Tomorrow is gonna be brutal.  The kids have to go  back to school.  Bright and early.  Today Benjamin slept till after noon. Tomorrow it'll be 6:30am.

 Then there's Melissa. The last few days she has been in Atlanta with a church group. They were to be back around 9/10pm tonight...but then they had a flat tire.

Can a church trip happen without car trouble???  Apparently, not.

So...she'll be home around midnight.  She's already text asking if she can skip first hour of class..

Hm....yea...that would be a NO!  We are on what's called a 4 by 4 block schedule, so tomorrow the high school starts a whole new semester with new classes for everyone.  She needs to be there the first day of class to hear all the information about her new classes. She can take a nap after school.  She's young - she'll survive. Besides.....I'm not totally convinced my kids actually go to sleep before a decent time anyway.

And I'll be up early with my little duckies as well.  While I'm not going back to work until Monday, I doubt I'll go back to bed after the kids leaves. I rarely do.  But just might have to take a nap like Melissa!

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