Saturday, February 4, 2017

Update on the Boyz

Since I have a few minutes free on this dreary Saturday afternoon, I'll give that update that I thought about on Thursday.... 

William....he's still loving college.  I saw him a few weeks ago when I was at my parents.  I called and invited him over to watch one of the football playoff games - which he wasn't really interested in watching...but he did like the idea of me doing his laundry. So, he came over.  He still has a few weeks left in this quarter then he'll be home for a week before the spring quarter starts. He's telling us he has high B's and low A's. He already has a job for the summer, so he won't really be home much between now and mid-August.  He'll be working for the camp he worked with last summer. This summer he'll be on a 12 week contract instead of a 6 week one.

Benjamin...Mr. 16....yeah....he still needs to practice his driving....especially the backing up in a parking lot.  We are considering letting him get his license within the next month or two.  It would help if he ASKED to drive, but he doesn't.  Acts like he really doesn't're in no rush, then. 

Soccer ended a few weeks ago and I must say: As much as I enjoy watching Benjamin play, I, also, enjoy having a free calendar!  I made the executive decision that we would NOT be doing spring soccer with the local rec league.  I just need a break - actually, I think he needs a break, too.  We might do the summer league....we'll see...  He will be helping Melissa with the sound board at the high school play. That'll keep him busy a few weeks in March.

Then there's Drew.  He still loves his job and right now he isn't traveling.  It sort of odd that he doesn't have any trips on the calendar, but I'll take it! I like him being home.  For the last month or so, he's been busy with our rent house.  The renters moved out at the New Year and just this week we got new renters.  Overall, the change over went smooth.  We had no major damage done to the house - love it when a Marine is our renter! It was very clean!   They really were good renters....just wished they had stayed longer.  The new family is an active duty Air Force.  And once again, we're hoping they will stay two or three years.

While we had no damage and did not have to re-paint  or carpet the house, we did find out today that the hot tub has a leak.  Boo hiss hiss.  Oh, well. I guess the money we saved with the paint and carpet will be put into repairing the hot tub.  Such is life.

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