Friday, February 3, 2017

Yesterday....A Day in the Life of a Teenage Driver

Yesterday as Mr. 16 was driving us to his ortho apt, I was thinking that I need to write a blog post. Maybe one with an update on everyone since it's been like a month since I've posted.  I was going to say how well Mr. 16 was doing at driving.  He got us to ortho without me having to yell too much.  I still think he needs to brake sooner than he does....BUT! He stayed in the lane and didn't come close to any other car or mailbox or curb.

But then as we were leaving ortho this happened:

Yep.  He backed into someone.  Thankfully, it was a ten year old huge SUV...not a brand new Lexus or some such car.  The lady was nice about it...and since there was no damage on her car, we didn't even exchange insurance info.  But she did try to get a police report - which we found out our fair city doesn't do reports for parking lot mishaps.

Grateful for small favors in life.

But it put a damper on the day....he did NOT want to drive himself to school...sat in the back...  And yes, I was a good momma and told him I still loved him and was still proud of him. And that I wasn't TOO mad...just slightly annoyed. 

And we talked about how when you are driving you must not get distracted!! We got distracted by some people walking across the parking lots pulling suitcases. Where in the world did they come from and where were they going???

We'll never know because that's when we hit the SUV. 

Distractions. Not good when you are driving!!! 

We're hoping our body-shop guy can just pop it out....but that's on the list for Monday....

Here's the other car. See? No damage! Just a little white paint. 

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