Monday, March 14, 2011

My Reward - Their Reward

My reward for keeping the laundry going and mopping my floor was to watch the recorded new episode of "Sister Wives". Yes. I know some think I probably shouldn't watch it, but what can I say? I love seeing how other's live their lives.

 In case you live in a rock or really don't pay any attention to pop culture, it's a show about a polygamist family. Mr. Kody has four wives. Amazingly enough, they come off as a normal family in many ways.

This new epsidose was how they coped with being "out". They expressed some angry over the paparazzi outside their home taking pictures (not sure why that's so different than the cameras inside the house). One wife has lost her job due to being on the show.

On one hand, I feel for them. Whether I agree with their life-stlye or not (which I do NOT!), I do understand they are following a way of life they feel God is leading them into.  And since there is no sign of abuse among the adult or children (there's 16 of them), why do I care? Why do any of us care?

But then, on the other hand - this lifestyle is against the law.  Utah defines polygamy as living with more than one women - not just one legal union. By that defintion, they are breaking the law. It doesn't matter if they knew the legal definition or not. What will the reward be for that?  Only time will tell. Right now Utah's state attorney said they have no resources to prosecute a polygamist where no abuse is suspected.   On the trailor for the next episdose, it seems the family is (or has) now moved to another state. I wonder what they legal definiton of polygmy is there - and if the family research that or not.

In the end, it'll be interesting to see how this all plays out.  Will they change public preseption of polygamy? Will laws change?  If that seems farfetched for you, just remember  - it wasn't too long ago that the mere idea of same-sex marriages to be legal in America was preposterous.

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